Horror Dolls

In today’s world of computers when almost everything is just within our computer keyboards, we seldom see magnificent real works of art. By visiting www.shainerin.com , you will be transformed to a sphere of voodoos, cults and myths when even in the movies, it does not exist anymore. It became extinct all of a sudden and replaced by the hullabaloos of computer games, YouTubes and video games.

We admire the beauty of sculptures, ethnic dolls and mythology or voodoo trappings. It exudes power, mystic and profundity-that only the power of the mind can exactly fathom its depth. Until now, it still remains a mystery when one can read minds, and do things that are beyond human capacity. It is supernatural, it is mystery, and yet, it is still unknown but unfathomable.

ghostdoll004detail Horror Dolls

ghostdoll002detail Horror Dolls

progeriafront Horror Dolls

oraclepowerfigurefront Horror Dolls

zombiedoll003front Horror Dolls

orniemummy001front Horror Dolls

ghostlingornie004front Horror Dolls

zombiedoll008front Horror Dolls

zombiedoll010front Horror Dolls

strangeborn005front Horror Dolls

strangeborn007front Horror Dolls

dancermf002front Horror Dolls

sorceressmf003front Horror Dolls

bunefront Horror Dolls

babettefront Horror Dolls

emp002gastoniafront Horror Dolls

emp003tripletsfront Horror Dolls

emp004sespiafront Horror Dolls

zombiedoll011detail Horror Dolls


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