Reindeers Fly High

One scientist claims that reindeers eat magic mushrooms deliberately to avoid monotony in the boring winter days.
Andrew Haynes wrote for the respected ‘Pharmaceutical Journal’ article stating his belief that these animals in the wild deliberately go looking for hallucinogenic mushrooms ‘funghi agaric’.
‘They have a desire to experience altered state of consciousness. As with people, one of the consequences of consuming mushrooms is a feeling of flying, thus it is interesting legend of Santa Claus’ reindeers that can fly “says Haynes.
He added interesting information that livestock keepers tend to drink urine of a reindeer in order to achieve ‘higher’ state of mind.

reindeer Reindeers Fly High

wild reindeer e1295401482226 Reindeers Fly High

reindeer4 e1295401469935 Reindeers Fly High

reindeer 3 e1295401454803 Reindeers Fly High

reindeer 2 Reindeers Fly High


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