Wrong Turn

At the Tokyo-Hakone ultramarathon runner Natsuki Terada moved into the lead on the last 100 meters. But instead to keep runnig straight, Terada took a wrong turn
The two-day stage of 217.9 kilometers, hours of hard work and sweat and months of preparation and training nearly thrown into the water after the Japanese marathon runner Natsuki Terada took a wrong turn 100 meters before the finish line.
Unfortunate Terada timed his strength brilliantly, and at the end of the marathon in a column of four runners, moved into the lead, but …then he was probably distracted by the car that recorded the race and 100 meters before the finish line, car took a right turn and Terada followed the car.
The other three runners continued running straight. Terada was then warned by the police and organizers that he took the wrong turn. But he could not correct the mistake and finished only third.

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