The Man Who Can Survive Electric Chair!

His name is Slavisa Pajkic, but his is more well known by his nickname Biba Struja (Electric Biba). Unexpectedly one rainy day in early youth, he discovered that a voltage of 220 volts is not harmful to him. Since then, he have tested the limits of endurance. At 26 he entered the Guinness Book of Records: he held 20,000 volts in his hands! And since then, he says, his life is given new dimension – traveling around the world, appearances on television, filling newspaper columns, the halls and arenas from Germany to Japan.
Biba likes to confuse his audience, for example he roasts hot dogs by conducting energy trough his body, and by putting electrodes in the mouth while the light bulb indicates that electrodes are connected to electrical network.

“I explore my body in the field of electricity and test its capabilities. I have qualities that i don’t know how to explain. When i accumulate electricity i can control it. When i shake hands with people I release electricity whenever I want.”

He tried to arrange test of his capabilities: for 10 000 000 US Dollars to seat on electric chair which is used to execute death penalties in USA.

“I would beat electric chair, but USA law doesn’t allow that.” Says Biba

Well they probably won’t allow him, because they would have to abolish electric chair as a means of execution.

electric man



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